Akureyri, Iceland


Day 4 on the road. . .

Starting Location: Hólmavík
End Location: Akureyri
Distance: 184 miles
Accommodations: Akureyri Backpackers Hostel


Akureyri is Iceland’s second biggest city, however, it is far smaller than what you would think that title would entail.  Regardless, I was completely smitten with Akureyri.  The Backpackers Hostel were we stayed was right downtown and made for a great base camp to explore the city.  Beautiful churches, colorful buildings, creative murals, and a picturesque port are just a few of the things that make Akureyri so charming.


Akureyrarkirkja Church stands high up on a hill looking over the downtown area.  Be sure to climb the steps and take a look around, or at least to enjoy the view.IMG_0383

On our walk to the Botanical Gardens we met this amazing couple selling handmade sweaters out of their home.  They were a wealth of information even sharing some of their own stock of dried fish served the Icelandic way. . . smothered in butter.  I wasn’t a fan, but I loved being able to try a local delicacy.  We also purchased some Iceland moss from this lady.  She gave us instructions on how to make a tea from it.  Moss has been used in Iceland for generations as an herbal remedy for a number of ailments.  The moss is high in calcium, iodine, potassium , phosphorous, and vitamins.

Another stop worth checking out is the Akureyri Botanical Gardens.  It’s free to wander around and contains about 430 native plant species as well as thousands of foreign ones.  Also this garden has the claim to being the most northern botanical garden in the world.


Akureyri port.



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