Sea Kayaking, Iceland


One of the adventures I really wanted to do in Iceland was to go sea kayaking.  I kayak at home on rivers regularly so I thought seeing Iceland by water would be a wonderful experience.  Our tour group picked us up in Reykjavik and before we knew it we were outside the city looking at a beautiful fjord.  The boats were already on location so all we had to do was get our gear and get started.  We booked our sea kayaking tour here.

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The Golden Circle, Iceland

The Golden Circle might be the most popular tourist route in Iceland but it doesn’t have to be cookie cutter, especially if you rent your own car and experience it for yourself.  Even though it is only about 3 hours of actual driving, be prepared for it to take ALL day.  There is a lot to see and it will give you a good taste of everything Iceland has to offer including history, waterfalls, churches, craters and geysers.

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