Day 8 on the Road

Start Location: Höfn
End Location: Vík
Distance: 150 miles
Accommodations: Guesthouse Hatun 8

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyonimg_2177

Fordj…..Ffffjarg…lju..fur? I’m not even going to try and pronounce this canyon.  But you don’t have to be able to say it’s name to enjoy it’s beauty.  Like someplace out of middle earth, I have never seen a place quite like this.

img_2209Be very careful here!  Between the strong winds and narrow paths it felt as if we could be blown off the side at any time.IMG_2198

Víkurprjón Wool Factory

I didn’t take any pictures here but Víkurprjón is one of the oldest and best know producers of Icelandic knitwear products.  You can also find a large selection of Icewear products and other souvenirs here as well.  The back portion of the factory is where they actually produce wool products and you are able to look through a glass window at the process.  Apparently they give tours on request but we did not take the time to do so.  But don’t think this is a place to find “cheap” Icelandic wool products.  The garments they sell are very high quality so they are still fairly expensive but not when you think of how much work goes into them.

The Beaches of Vík.


Vík has many wonderful black sand beaches to choose from, but probably one of the most memorable is Reynisfjara Beach.  All rolled up in one spot, you get a basalt column cave, black sand, interesting rock formations, and a puffin colony.

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

Vík Wool Factory

Reynisfjara Beach

Guesthouse Hatun 8

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