Waterfalls and the Blue Lagoon

Day 9 on the Road

Start Location: Vík
End Location: Vogar
Distance: 132 miles
Accommodations: Hotel Vogar

This was our last full day in Iceland…. *sniff, sniff*.  All we had left was three waterfalls to hit up and a relaxing soak in the Blue Lagoon.  We had deliberately chose to do the Blue Lagoon on the last day as it was a fitting end to our trip in Iceland, and because of its proximity to the airport.



You may recognize this waterfall from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and Thor: The Dark World. If you walk close enough to it you will get drenched in its spray.  There is also a trail that leads up to the top for an amazing view and other vantage points of the waterfall.




Seljalandsfoss is best known as, “the waterfall you can walk behind”.

WARNING!!! You will get wet! : If you choose to venture behind this waterfall, (and who am I kidding, of course you are going to) its spray will completely drench you.  But that is part of the fun.  Sort of like why we love riding Splash Mountain at Disney World.  It also makes photography very difficult due to a constant mist covering your lens.


Bonus waterfall! Just a short walk from Seljalandsfoss is Gljúfurárfoss. Two for the price of one!



Gljúfurárfoss is the hidden waterfall.  The only way to see it, is to wade in on the left through the river, or climb up the cliff on the right.

The Blue Lagoon


You can’t make a trip to Iceland without relaxing in the turquoise blue waters of the Blue Lagoon.  The water is heated 6500 feet below the surface of the earth.  On it’s way up, it collects silica and minerals, and comes out at about 98-104 degrees Fahrenheit.  Therefore the water is cloudy, and has zero visibility.

The Blue Lagoon is a bit pricey, starting at about $54, but everything is luxurious including the locker rooms.  You can even enjoy a tasty drink from one of the bars, right there in the pool.

WARNING!! They tell you to put lots of conditioner on your hair before going into the water.  DO IT! Or better yet, don’t get your hair wet!  The water will SEVERELY dry it out making it feel like straw for several days.  And make sure to put some of the white silica on your face, because it is good for your skin . . . and because you look funny doing it.


Goodbye Iceland.  I think we covered you pretty well, but of course there was more we would of liked to have seen. I guess we will just have to save that till next time . . .



The Blue Lagoon

Hotel Vogar

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